The Day When I Broke My Left Wrist

Thursday, 3 May 2018
When you brake any kinda bone in your body you think it's the end of the world and you have to live in a cast for a number of weeks and experience the worse pain in the world and relying on other people to help you with your daily routine, I have never ever broke any bone in my body so i cannot really describe the pain and the difficulties that is involved with it. I have read and seen YouTube videos all about broken arms and legs and i also have read people's experiences with a broken arm / wrist and it was something that i didn't wanna go though for a broken arm until...

On a late Wednesday night on 26th April around about 11.55pm i was getting myself ready for bed and i had changed into my pyjamas and starting to take my teddies and pillows off my bed, Anyways i went downstairs to check the front door if it was locked (as i have a phobia of this) and seeing my dog Star was ok and to give her a hug before i went to bed! As i was walking back towards my bedroom my mum had asked me to turn the heating off on the wall as my (memory isn't like how it used to be) and then i stepped backwards 2 steps and i missed the 1st step and i went flying of the stairs and smacked my head into the front door, As i fell my mum had Hurd a massive crack from my wrist and then came to see if i was Ok and then Crobsy (my other dog came barking at me) and i said to my mum that i cannot move as i was in shock and then i said to myself that my left wrist is defiantly broken, As i was lying on the floor my left wrist was in a lot of pain and it due me into tears and i couldn't move it at all my mum had thought that i had done something to it as she looked at both of my wrist and the left one wasn't right at all. My step dad at the time was in bed and i had to go and wake him up to take me to A&E as the pain in my wrist was getting really bad and i needed urgent medical treatment as i was in tears. My step dad had a go at me saying that my wrist isn't broken and i said it is and i need to go to the Hospital right now! Of course my mum also explained to my step dad that she had seen my arm and also Hurd that awful crack of the bone!

Anyway's my step dad got up out of bed and decided that he would take me down to A&E to see someone and all i had on was my Pyjamas and a nightgown witched my mum helped me To get on due to my wrist being broke and my trainers as i couldn't get dressed in time as the pain i was in was terrible, As my step dad drove me down to the hospital as fast as he could as the pain was way to much to handle and i wanted gas and air because it was that painful and i was trying to talk to my step dad to try and take some of the pain away. We arrived at A&E around 11.35 pm and my step dad dropped me off at the front door while he could try and find somewhere to park and i went into to reception and told the staff what had happened, Around 12.00am i was seen by a nurse and i had to explained everything to them what had happed and they took a few details off me about my medical history and other details. As i was in a lot of pain they deiced to give me some painkillers and then gave me a paper arm sling to rest my arm in until i was ready to be seen by a doctor. As i came from the nurse, As the time passed so slowly we had been waiting a very long time so i decided to go to the reception and asked when i am due to be seen as i was in a lot of pain and needed medical treatment kinda urgently, I was allowed to go though to the nurses station and ask when i am due to be seen and i was told that there are 3 more before you and i thought To myself great! they also asked me if i had a x-ray done yet and i replied no! they also gave me more painkillers and (basically to keep me quite i believe)

The 90s Tag

Friday, 9 March 2018

Let’s do the 90’s Questions Tag, shall we? it’s a short questionnaire about my favourites from the 90’s I was born in the early 90s, so I don’t remember that much about it, but what I do remember, I have very fond memories of. So without further ado, let’s begin…

01. What Type Of TV Services Did You Have?
We used to have the old Telewest box on cable (Witch is now Virgin media) and we had was was the first called cable services in our area around 1996 - 1997, I can remember the box was very huge and very ugly looking and it used to sit underneath our video recorder with our huge black Sanyo tv. I really cannot remember who took out the original contract with them but as far as i know we have carried on with there services since they became Virgin Media,

02. What Was Your Favourite TV programme?
There was so much to choose from as tv was so much better back then and it was well worth watching not like today, As i grew up i loved to watch comedy programmes with my dad on a Friday night while the BBC ran the Comedy zone witch offered some amazing programmes from 9pm until 10pm. Witch included the Fast show Shooting Stars and red dwarf As i watched these shows every week i just got into them and i started to enjoy comedy stuff!. Of course Red Dwarf and Shooting Stars was my favourite programmes and they are still are to this day! They both offered some amazing quotes and great memories witch has never left me since the day that i sat down with my dad and watching it, I started to watch Red Dwarf in 1997 and Shooting Stars in 1996 and i still remember everything to this entire day!

03. What Was Your Favourite Toy?

Oh gosh!!! i had so many toys when i was little and i can remember that i had a lot of Barbie and Sindy dolls  and i also had owned  a Baby born when they first came out and i also had a lot of the Spice Girls Merchandise as well. I remember one year for Christmas that i had a Sindy camper van witch was so cheaply made that everytime i used it it would snap in half and in the end i ended up loosing all of the pieces that came with the camper van. My best toy that i had ever had would of been the Get set Chocolate factory where you would buy this kit and have different style of chocolate molds where you could create some amazing eggs and individual Chocolates from the comfort of your own home, I can remember that you had a huge yellow dish that you would melt the Chocolate in and then you would use the paint brush to paint in the chocolate into the molds and then put in the fridge for a few hours at a time it was amazing set but sadly i don't know what ever happened to it! I would love to own one of these sets again!
I also remember queuing up in Toys R us with my mum and my nan when there was a huge demand for the new Furby's in 1998, When i first saw it advertised on tv i asked my mum for one straight away as i knew that a 9 year old me would love it, As there was a huge demand for them in Toys R us we had to wait outside for a few hours before we was allowed to go into the store and have one as Toys R us didn't have enough of them and so many people was fighting over them and it was so crazy for a new toy launch. In the end i managed to get one and i had the Green & white one when i spoke to it and interacted with it i absolutely loved it and i knew that this Furby would last me a long time! But sadly it stated to act weird and spoke different Languages in a few years after i had him and then he stopped working all together and i never knew what happened to him. I also owned a Furby baby when they launched in the same year!

My MRI Experiences For My Brain & Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ)

Monday, 12 February 2018
I've been kinda lucky in my entire life that i have ever had 3 MRI scans done and i didn't even know that my first scan was taken almost half a decade ago when i was only 2 years old, As i suffered with Viral Encephalitis in 1991 the infection caused my brain to swell up like a huge balloon and i suppose the doctors had to keep checking my brain to make sure that everything was ok and there wasn't any permeant damage and problems after the infection. My mum told me everything about my very first MRI Scan and how difficult i was about having it done as i was kinda young and pretty scared too, I really don't know how i reacted about it all as my mum has never told me to this day on what really happened on that day! I do recall my mum telling me that i was allowed to go into the scanner with my pink panther as he was like my companion and he came everywhere with me including my appointments and even shopping he was my favourite thing that i ever owned, I have also have a MRI scan of my brain in my hospital records with the outline of my pink panther and my mum and the doctors are the only ones to have seen this and hopefully it will be my turn soon. The scan went absoulty well and i never caused a fuss after i went in and that was that and the scan reviled that i have permeant scaring on the right hand side of my brain due to my Encephalitis and i also contained a bit of brain damage as well. I didn't even know that my brain had these issues until i was old enough for my mum to explain everything to me. I don't even remember having my brain scan done when i was a kid!

Skip a few years later on to 2004 - 2005 i was going though high school and i was also experiencing these very painful headaches and it all started when i was moving house at the time and i had some fish & chips from the chip shop and in about 20 minutes after i had ate it i experienced my first Migraine attack and i didn't even know what they were when i was having a attack, I told my mum that i had this very painful headache and my vision was very blurry and fuzzy and i felt extremely sick and she told me that i was having that was having a bad Migraine attack and she told me to go to bed in a very dark room and take some paracetamol for the extreme pain that i was in. The attacks that i was having was so bad that i couldn't even attend school half of the time because i was having symptoms of a stroke and this gave me pins and needles around my mouth and this made it impossible for me to talk and also my left hand side of my body was completely paralysed and i couldn't even walk and explain to my mum how i was feeling and it was very scary for me because i had nothing like this before and i was flooded in tears because the pain i was in, My mum who has been having Migraines for many years has never ever seen a attack like mine before and she was kinda worried about me and how i ended up having these awful attacks all of a sudden. These attacks went on for a while around about 2pm every single night and this made it impossible for me to attend school and while this was going on i missed so many days of school that all of my school work was so far behind and i had to catch up on so much work that i had missed, In the end my mum made me a doctors appointment to see a doctor to see what was going on with me and they gave me some more tablets to try for one month and to see what happens next. The tablets didn't do me any good and i went back to the doctors and they then referred me to see someone in the children's hospital at the hospital to see what was going on with my brain, As usual they gave me more tables to try and then they asked me to try them for one month and then go back to see them to see what they were going to do next.

When i went back to the hospital after one month testing these tablets out they even made things even worse for me because the attacks was coming on even more and made me feel extremely sick and i knew something else was wrong with me because every tablet that i was given nothing worked for me at all, The doctor requested for me to have a MRI scan and when i was told about it  i didn't even know what it was and what it does until my mum told me that i have had one before and this is when she told me about the one when i was a kid and i didn't have no memory of it ever being done. My mum explained to me what will happen to me and what the machine does and i was feeling pretty scared and nervous at the same time, I explained to my mum a few days before the scan that i was feeling very scared and i didn't know what to expect because it was a new thing for me and i just didn't wanna go though with it and my mum said to me stop worrying and you will be fine. The day the scan arrived kinda quickly and i remember that i had to take a day of from school because the scan took would take all day as it was a brain scan and it explained everything on the letter when it arrived and what to expect on the day. I remember that we arrived in the department kinda early and the nurse who was looking after me for the day greeted herself to me and said that i will be looking after you for your scan today! My mum had to also fill in some details about me and my health and to see if i was ok to enter into the scanner and things like that. I asked the nurse if my mum was allowed to come in with me while i have the scan done as this was my very first MRI and i didn't wanna be on my own though it all and she said thats absolutely fine and as i walked into the room and i saw the scanner for the first time i went omg thats a huge machine and its huge! Then the nurse explained to me whats gonna happen and she told me not to be nervous and just try and relax and your mum will be just beside you if you! I started to climb on to the bed and i was absolutely terrified and i was shaking like a leaf and i started to get myself winded up and then the worse bit was that they also had to put a cadge on my head to make sure that they get the correct photographs and it was very cramped inside and then i was taken into the scanner ready for my scans to get taken.

Britney Spears Curious - The Collection

Sunday, 28 January 2018
I have been a massive fan of Britney Spears from a early age and i was so excited when she was gonna released her very first Fragrance in 2004 call Curious, I was only 15 when this new amazing new fragrance went on sale and this was my very first item of perfume that i ever owned from my huge collection that i have today, Britney had put a lot of hard work into her new fragrance and how she designed everything from the bottle to the body lotion and shower gel's. I was very excited to try it for the first time when it finally came to the uk in the same year, I can remember having a sample of the fragrance when i saw it in Debenhams and when i smelt it i was total speechless and i knew that i would want some straight away as it smelt so good and the bottle was stunning. I originally had the 100ml Atomiser version that was a pump witch was super easy to use and spray but sadly i believe that they have stopped making them. In the next couple of months i started to get the extras from the collection like shower gel's and the shimmer stick and also i had received one of the first gifts sets that also contained the amazing Lather me up Shower gel , You're so smooth Body Polish and the amazing Deliciously whipped body soufflĂ© and with a 50ml version of the perfume witch lasted me quite a while as i had two of them on my shelf witch i was so happy about.

Curious has that scent of white floral scent and has notes are Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla-infused musk, sandalwood and blonde woods, And Elizabeth Arden put a special vanilla infused musk in it and added Louisiana magnolia. Spears said that the magnolia reminds her of home. As this was Britney's very first fragrance Curious was released in September 2004, and was very successful internationally. It was the number one fragrance of 2004 in department stores, and in 2005, "Curious" was honored by the Fragrance Foundation as Best Women's Fragrance.
Britney made a Advert for the perfume he TV advertisement for Curious, "Hotel Rooms," was conceived at agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and directed by Dave Meyers through production company set was built on a stage instead of in an actual hotel. ActorEric Winter plays Spears' love interest in the TV commercial. It starts off with Winter and Spears noticing each other before they go in their neighbouring  hotel rooms. Then, they are shown thinking about each other with Spears walking towards the door to Winter's hotel room. Then, fantasies of Spears and the latter having sex are shown mixed with things like a cartoon, a flower and a rodeo. It ends with Spears gazing at the camera!

Britney had also released some other products that was sold individually for her Curious campaign and this included ....
  • "Deliciously Whipped!" 200 mL Body SoufflĂ©
  • "Lather Me Up!" 200 mL Shower Gel
  • "You're So Smooth!" 200 ML Body Polish
  • "Totally Ticklish!" 20 g Body Shimmer
  • "Write On!" 14 g Perfumed Shimmer Stick
  • "Two Tempting!" 5 mL Fragrance Roller Ball and Lip Gloss Duo
  • 8ml Lip Gloss (tube format, available with gift set editions)

Britney also released some beautiful bags within the campaign and some of sets contained a 30ml of perfume and a tube of lip gloss, i received this bag for Christmas the same year and i loved the fabric and the lip gloss smelt lush! i don't know what ever happened to the bag as it was one of my favourites from the whole collection.

The Now TV Box | My Full Review & Thoughts

Sunday, 21 January 2018

I have been looking around for a new type of entertainment system / provider for my bedroom for a long time now as i used to have SKY and in the end i found it was a waste of money and there was always repeats on every week and i wasn't hardly watching it, I only wanted SKY to watch the Simpsons on SKY one and UK Gold and Dave to watch all of my comedy programmes but i had seen them all before on the BBC. At the time of me thinking about getting SKY was when my brother decided that he would disconnect me from his internet and told me to get my own and i was so stuck because i had no internet and i was super board and i needed to do something to fix the issue that was going on ,  As i was looking all over the internet and making phone calls to different providers there wasn't a lot that Virgin Media could do as we already have a fixed phone line and email address at out house in my brothers name and he wouldn't allow me to have a separate line in my name in the same property and i was stuck and i just didn't know what i could do

With so much hassle going on with me trying to get a separate phone line installed in my bedroom was a complete nightmare as some companies would refuse a second internet line and also my credit rating was completely destroyed due to me going insolvent when i was 20 and this made it even difficult to get anything from providers especially BT, With me having tried every provider out there i had no choice to give SKY a call as i was reading that they aren't to strict on there customers when it comes to credit and they are pretty good with new customers, I gave SKY a call and explained my current situation to them and they were more then happy to help me to get a new fixed line with broadband and a full SKY TV Package and i was more then happy to accept the contract and offer that they agreed with me for a new customer, The bad point was that i would also have to pay a extra £15.00 per month line rental charge from BT for the phone line witch i was never told about when i took the contract out and when they calculated my bill for every month witch was quite confusing to me when they explained everything to me over the phone,

I originally started my contract with SKY on 14th November 2014 and my package and monthly cost was over £50 - £70 per month due to the line rental charge, the TV package and the broadband, I had took out the family bundle for my TV that was £35 per month that had every channel that you could think of and then the HD Channels witch was a extra £5 per month witch was a complete con and a waste of money! I paid only a £10 deposit for the installation and the set up fee witch all sounded good to me. My bills from that period of me just taking out the contract my bills went up and down all the time and i wasn't keeping a eye on my phone on the SKY App to keep a eye on everything and what my future bills was gonna be. As you are with SKY you can add different packages and TV channels to your package at anytime and this can put your bill up even more witch i discovered one day on a Sunday afternoon when i decided that i wanted to watch SKY F1 for the racing as i like to watch now and again and especially on Sundays. Anyways when i decided that i wanted to watch SKY F1 i pressed the red button and within minutes i had a charge for the channel on my bill ready for me to pay in advance and also my current package with was around about £60 - £70 and when i saw the bill for the current month of December it was a whopper of £189.00 and i was like there was no way that i was gonna pay that much for a TV channel that i am not gonna ever watch and i asked SKY to remove it from my TV package!

Spice Girls Impulse Spray - The Best Impulse Fragrance Ever!

Saturday, 6 January 2018
It was the glorious days of the 90s and the Spice Girls had exploded onto the scene in 1997 with there huge range of products ranging from Chocolate Bars Lollipops Camera's Stationary Clothes / Shoes / watches dolls and loads more. I was only 8 when the Spice mania had kicked off and i can still remember listing to there single Wannabe when i was just 6 years old and i knew from that day on that i was a Spice Girls fan no doubt about it. When i saw that the girls started to release some products around 1996 - 1997 i knew that i wanted them as i was a huge fan and i wanted to treasure my items and keep them for years to come as they could be worth something in years to come.

I knew from the early days that the girls had more then music to offer for there fans as they were always thinking about something for there fans and everything that they made were all successful and very popular like the impulse spice fragrance. In 1997 when Impulse had launched the fragrance by the girls i was attending my special needs school and i was also using there stationary range as it was so good and everyone in school either had the pencil case or the tin and then everyone i knew in school had something with the Spice Girls on it was marvellous, I don't ever recall seeing a lot of Spice Girls products while i was growing up in my local stores only the exclusive range that they did in ASDA for Christmas 1997 and the Impulse Spice in our local Co - op store and that was about it and i had wished that i had seen more of there products in the shops, 

I didn't expect to have any of the Spice Girls merchandise and products while i was a kid because my mum thought that it would be kinda too young for me but my mum just gave in and bought me everything that was related to the Girls themselves, My mum had gone into the shop one day and she had found the Impulse spray and thought of me straightaway and she knew that i would love it as i had asked her for it when i had seen the advert for it on TV.
As i had difficulties at the time with my speech my mum was the only person that could communicate  with me and also fully understand what i was saying and i can remember when my mum had got the spray out of the bag i was super excited and delighted that i had it in my own two hands and i was able to add it to my ever growing Spice Girls Collection, My mum sprayed some of the spray on me and i said that i love it one of the best fragrances out there for the time and this was also the very first fragrance that i ever smelt.

My Visits To BBC Television Centre 12.06.2009 + 12.06.2010

Monday, 1 January 2018

Back sometime in 2002 - 2003 when i was in my final years at school we had a 2 slot lesson called Asdan at this allowed us to anything that we wanted this could be just about anything that we liked from making products to researching on a company, I believe that these were called challenges and we had our own file that contained our information in and our colour wheels that we had to colour in that what we had worked on for that day. I really cannot remember what my first project was called as i never ever remembered it to this day! I believe it was a cross - stitch patten but i am not sure though,
As our Asdan lessons was a double on a Friday afternoon i was sometimes taken out of the lesson for me to catch up on some work that i had missed with my LWS as i wasn't hardly at school due to my Migraines,  As i had finished my first project and i didn't know what i wanted to next as there wasn't a lot of choice for me and then i decided that i would like to do a project on the BBC, I don't know what made me wanna do this as a project but i was really interested in the BBC and i always wanted to work for them when i had left school and collage and get all the Qualifications to work for them.

I didn't know what i was letting myself into when i wanted to make the BBC into a project as there was so much history and information about the corporation that i had to take some trips to the school library to find the information and also to print it all out, I must of had well over 300 pages of information and it was such a interesting experience reading about this amazing company. I really cannot remember how long it took me to finish the project but i knew that the paperwork that i had to sort out and stick into my book was a lot. While i was doing all of my research i also looked at there buildings and there was a few that was around the UK and especially London, And there was one building that i was really interested in and that was Television centre and i didn't even know that the centre existed when i saw it for the first time in 2004. The centre was massive and i knew that i would  wanna work there in years to come,  As i had so much work to do on my project every week that i was allowed to take my folder home and doing it over the weekends so i can get it done and finished in time as i knew there was a time that we could spend on each project, I ended up finishing the project a week before it was due to be handed in and collected and i was so proud of all the work that i had put in and i had achieved over 4 weeks of research and it was a lot to read, I was awarded with top marks for my project and i was given a special gift for my handwork. All i wanted to do now was visit Television Centre for myself to experience it for myself.

When i had started collage in September 2005 i was given the opportunity of a lifetime to visit Television centre in West London by one of my teachers who took us for woodwork (i believe) and he was taking his group there for a day out. I had asked my tutor if i was allowed to go with them and they were so kind about it all and in the end they said that there wouldn't be enough room in the mini buss and i was really gutted about the news, I knew when i had finished collage that i would take myself there for a Tour with some of my collage pals and have a lovely day out. I had asked my friends when they came back from the tour what it was like and also what had happened on the day! They all said to me that the tour was amazing and last for up to 2 hours and got to see into the studios and saw how everything works in a television studio,  I had also saw the photos that the group had taken on the day and they all looked amazing and i wished that i was there to experience it all.

Owning A Volkswagen Golf For 3 Years

Wednesday, 27 December 2017
Way back in November 2015 my step dad had come into some money after he had been working so hard and very long hours to try and raise enough cash for himself to buy himself the car that he ever wanted since he was a teenager, As my mums car was also in need of some TLC and needed a lot of work done to it she decided to get rid of it because it wasn't worth the money and hassle to go and get it fixed. So while my mum was on the look about for a new car my mum was driving my step dad's car for a while why he was on his 4 days off and this was the only time that me and my mum could go out before the car was involved in a nasty accident, The insurance company offered a small settlement fee so my mum could go and get herself a little car  to run about in until she found something more suitable, My mum did managed to find herself a small little car while she was on the way to Dursley one afternoon and she stopped and had a look at it, It was only £1000 and it was just a small Mercedes that was from 99',  I really didn't like the car myself because it was all old and out of date and it didn't even have a CD Player and only a cassette radio with no clock(until we found it in the dashboard). The seats were so uncomfortable when you were driving over speed bumps and every time my mum drove over one you could easily feel the impact and it was horrible experience,

The my mum had originally bout the car she said to me that she really didn't like the car but it was the only car available at the time and easily affordable within her price range at the time, She also said that she wouldn't buy a  Mercedes ever again not that model anyway. At time my step dad had bought himself a limited edition Renault Clio that was a lime green colour and it only cost him £500 and it was super clean inside and out, Few months down the line my step dad was thinking about getting himself a new car as he always said that he wanted  a BMW X5 and he had been saving for such a long time since he was a teenager and working really long hours that he was able to draw out his pension pot to go and get his dream car, When he had told me that he was getting a BMW i really didn't believe him and i thought it was a Joke but it wasn't. In November 2015 my step dad had spotted a second hand car dealer called Mill House Motors my step dad had gone in there to see what cars was available and to see if they had any BMW X5's and they didn't so my step dad done a deal on a BMW 520 Series and i believe that he had to put down a £500 deposit for the car before he paid the full balance,  My step dad came back home and he had said that he bought a new car and i asked him what one and he said a BMW and i didn't believe him at all because i didn't know where he got all the money from? Anyways my step dad said that he would have to go and pick it up on the second day and also he would have traded in his old car for his new one for a better deal. I asked my step dad if i could come and see the car as i wanted to know what it looked liked and when he had showed me what it was i was totally gobsmacked and i couldn't believe how big it was and also it looked so clean inside and out,

As my step dad was in the office sorting out all the paperwork for the car my mum and I started to look at some cars and she knew that she wanted a new car kinda badly due to the faults and issues that my mum was having with the Mercedes, As my step dad came out of the office and paid for his car my mum asked about some cars and what was the best deals on at the time as she wanted something that was reliable and wouldn't cause any issues for me and my mum as i would also be traveling with her. My step dad said to my mum that i will buy you one for your Christmas box and my mum relied to my step dad no i would rather wait and get something when i get some more money though, My step dad said to my mum  don't worry about OK  it i will buy you a car as you need one.  Then me and my mum walked off into the yard to see what cars were available and to see if there was anything that my mum liked, My mum and I found this horrible Peugeot (and i really hate these cars as they have no power to them at all) and i can remember sitting in it and it was so small and camped inside and i just didn't like it all. The owner of the garage let my mum have a quick test drive to see if she would like it or not and i can remember that the car sounded like there was some issues with it and it sounded like the pistons were falling and it just reminded me of Chitty chitty bang bang, My mum told me that the car was horrible to drive and there was no power to it what so ever and we handed the keys back to find something else,

Zoella Beauty + Lifestyle Complete Collection Review

Friday, 22 December 2017
I was super excited to finally see that one of my favorite YouTubers Zoe Sugg was bringing out her own range of products in 2014 under SLG, I was super excited to try these new amazing products and to see what they actually smelt like and also would it be any good, When i was able to watch the video on Zoe's official Youtube channel she explained that she wanted to bring out a collection of bathing products to help people just to unwind and relax as someone people do lead hectic lifestyles and also stress and depression. When Zoe explained the products in more detail i was thinking that i believe that this collection is gonna be a sell out and also people would also be in high demand for each of the products. I was super excited to try the Soak Opera, The body lotion and the fragrance. When i saw each of the product design i found it to be very well designed and Zoe must of put so much hard work into designing each of the products witch i absolute love and adore so much.When the collection officially launched i wasn't able to get hold of any of the products because on Superdrug's website was completely sold out and i had to wait a few weeks before i was able to get my hands on the full collection itself,

As i was watching and reading people's reviews on the products and everyone said that the scent smells amazing and its super ideal just to wind down in the bath and just relax and let all your worries drift away. I also liked the fact that she also added the candle and the bath fizzes to the collection witch made it even more exciting. With all the videos and the reviews that i had been reading previously that i wanted this collection so badly and i just couldn't wait to get into the bath and use the scented candle with the Soak Opera.I would also needed to be very careful on what i can apply to my skin as i do suffer with blemished Eczema as it could easily flare up while i use any kinda product on my arms and legs and this made me a little bit worried when i was trying the body lotion for the first time if i was gonna have a reaction to itSo finally the day came when i was able to get my hands on the complete collection from Superdrug and i was so happy that it was finally coming and i just couldn't wait to see it in person as i just wanted to get my hands on it straight away. I cannot remember how much the hole collection was at it was a few years ago now but it was totally worth every single penny what i did pay. When the package finally arrived i was just blowed away with how the products were designed and also how pretty each and every item was and i do like the sticker on the bath Frizzer "do not eat" as it does look pretty much as a chocolate bar and i just had fallen in love with this collection. When i finally opened up the Soak Opera i was also blowed away with the scent as it smelt so divine and this stuff is super ideal for baths and showers but i would prefer baths with mine with the Bath Frizzers. I just absolutely loved the scent from this amazing collection and the Soak Opera it was super ideal for baths.Since i have been using Zoe's Products since 2014 i have never ever had any reactions to the range or has reacted to my skin in any way and since i have been using all of the body lotions every day that i have also seen that my skin has improved especially on my arms more then anything and my arms and legs feel very soft after i have applied the body lotion after i have had a shower or a bath.
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